Order Timeline

At Illumi Media, we want to eliminate as many steps as possible from the ordering process. We want to let you create content, while we market it.

1. Make an order

You can order directly from our shop here: https://illumimedia.co – You can order in under 60 seconds. You’ll be asked for all the information needed straight away so that there are no unnecessary communications via e-mail.

You can alternatively place an order through our Fiverr.com page, however due to Fiverr’s 20% pay-cut, our prices will be higher.

2. Wait… Not for long

It takes usually under 24 hours to get your order designed. We’ll keep you updated via email associated with your order.

3. Enjoy! 🚀

Use your YouTube Thumbnail, banner or whichever piece of design you’ve ordered. It is as simple as that. You gain full access to monetise and use our design in a commercial environment (e.g. AdSense or Facebook Ads).