Writing Titles for YouTube Videos

YouTube titles are one of the most often looked-over things in videos. Many focus solely on YouTube Thumbnails (hey, that’s why we’re in business), but completely forget about the importance of the harmony between the thumbnail and title.

Great YouTube Video Title checklist:

  • It’s short, usually a maximum of 5 words
  • Proper capitalization (excluding “of”)
capitalize the first letter of each word - youtube titles that get views
  • Don’t type your title in full-caps. The algorithm will penalize you for it.
  • Keep it simple, but give the person a reason to click. Ask a question. Spark a conversation.
  • Use numbers – They can even often “clean up” your title!
  • Include a Power Word! – This could be something like “Amazing” or “Young” – Take the above thumbnail as an example. “5 Habits of Young Millionaire Entrepreneurs” – They could have completely missed out on the word “Young”, but it’s a buzz-word as most people aren’t millionaires at a young age.

For inspiration, it’s never a bad thing to simply learn from your competitors and other large channels. They will usually have a dedicated channel management firm that looks over their titles before publishing.

Deep Dive: Your titles change how viewers perceive you

Believe it or not, but your title also controls how others perceive you as an internet personality.

Jake Paul is an internet personality that gets into trouble quite a lot. That’s because his titles are quite literally centered around suspense and internet drama. The titles are vague and simple, which obviously targets a younger demographic (with lower attention spans), this also causes drama when the video is perceived as “clickbait”.

Note: You could brand yourself this way no matter what niche you’re in. No, really. Even if you’re in tech, you could make outrageous statements about the latest technology and people will flock to prove you wrong.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with internet drama. Think of it as reality TV. This is also how most people achieve “viral growth” – Whether you want that or not, is up to you. As long as you keep your content, titles, and thumbnails consistent, you’ll be on your way to steady growth.

An Example of a Great YouTube Title

How To Separate Email Hosting From Website Hosting For Cloudways, WPEngine, Kinsta, Etc.

You might be thinking “but I can’t see the whole title!” – That’s the point. The reason we’ve picked this particular layout is that this is what the average user sees before they click on your video. What’s great about this title, is that:

  • You can understand the topic within the first 4 words of the title
  • All the complexities are put at the end of the title
  • It is properly capitalized

This title also has its disadvantages. It tries really hard to be a general-purpose video, as well as a targeted keyword video. Unfortunately, you can’t have both. For this reason the title has a lot of keywords at the end like “Cloudways”, but this video won’t rank for that keyword.

Picking the right format

This solely depends on the niche that you are in. If you’re making tech-related content, with a lot of complexity, it may be hard to keep your titles short.

If your titles are long:

  • Capitalize your titles appropriately
  • Cut down “space-waster” words like “The” (unless it’s crucial in the grammatical structure)
  • Keep the click-worthy words in the beginning

As always, make it an easy decision to click on your video. Don’t add unnecessary complexity to your video’s title or thumbnail. This means not putting things in your title that only your audience will know (such as a series name). Try to put yourself in a stranger’s shoes and see if you would click on your very own video.

That is all – Good luck with your video!

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